Mad 50 Art Yard
Kerouac totem pole

The MAD/50 ART YARD is located at the corner of SE 50th Avenue and Madison Street in southeast Portland, Oregon. It's a combination of landscaping, fencing, found objects, and sculpture. Mad/50 is an effort to create an interactive, semi-permeable boundary between the public space of the sidewalk/street and the private space of the yard. While providing partial privacy for the yard, it also encourages interaction with neighbors and passers-by. It's a small corner of community.

Mad fifty art yardMad fifty gallery
The MAD/50 GALLERY is the smallest art gallery in Portland. It is integrated into the art yard and fence. The gallery is a showcase for shadowboxes createde by a number of different artists. It is curated by Paula Manley (pictured above) who is also a contributing artist. The gallery has been supported by grants from the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition and the Puffin Foundation. It encourages community interaction.